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Only useful if you can get it to work

I got this app so I could watermark images in batches. I cannot, however, get it to work at all. I’ve checked the manual, and nothing is working. It shouldn’t be this difficult. Waste of $ and time.


Congratulations. I use it since over 8 months and I can say, this app works great. A+++

Resizing “Options”

This application is not smart when it comes to mixed photo orientation. For example, you have iPhone photos that are landscape and portrait, batch resizing means that ALL the photos that are portrait will be rotated to landscape. Maybe I just haven’t figured this out the settings yet (the manual was not helpful here), but I’m moving on to a smarter batch processing solution somewhere else. It’s too much trouble to have to sort photos by orientation BEFORE I do the batch processing. I just want them to be the same orientation and with the width OR height as maximum size limitation. Mabye the author(s) will address this, but I can’t add that struggle to my plate.

A pleasure for photo resizing

Resizing photos with Photosizer is a pleasure. Specially if you need to process a bunch of photos. The app can resize and rename photos in various ways. It is a save timer. You can also put watermark to all photos and adjust the opacity of the watermark.

Powerful Batch resize

It works very fast and has powerful tools. It comes with a simple interface for people who don’t like clutter. It enables you to resize photos and add a date to them by using the text watermark.

Batch resizing with smart features

This app supports batch resizing. It provides several sets for resizing photos. It can handle both landscape and portrait photos, even when they are both in one folder. You can choose the corresponding menu to be able to handle the photos without losing their aspect ratio. I was pleasantly surprised by text and picture watermarking, which operates also very easy.

No fancy graphics, but instead intuitive features

It can really resize your photos with a few simple button clicks. Users should not expect fancy graphics, but instead will find intuitive features that make resizing much simpler. The app's interface is very easy as the other reviewers mentioned before. One feature that I use very offen is changing between my templates. I need too resize photos with different size and watermark. All commands are kept in the preferences. Once you have set your commands, you need to save them. At this point, you can save them as a template, which you can choose later from a menu in the main window.

Helpful app for creating large batches

This helpful app makes a fine choice for creating large batches of thumbnails at once. The interface isn't only nicely designed, it's also simple to use with intuitive buttons and controls. When creating thumbnails, you just specify the size. To keep your new photos separate from their source files, Photosizer renames files with prefixes, suffixes and index of your choice. In addition, this app can watermark shots with either text or photo. This feature gives you a nice degree of control over how your watermark appears, letting you choose font size, style, color, opacity and position.

Not user friendly at all

Just bought this for image resizing and watermarking photos on my blog. It is completely NOT user friendly. Furthermore the video tutorials and manual are not helpful. Definitely do not waste $14.99 on this app.

Does what it advertise

Does what it advertise. Just resized, renamed and watermarked over 40 photos.

 This batch resizing and renaming app also saves you work and time by automatically renumbering adjusted photos in sequential order.

 The interface is very easy to use and supports the dragging and dropping of photos.

Easy-to-use, fast and reliable 👍👍👍👍👍

Very useful. You can perform several functions in addition to resizing such as renaming, rotating and cropping your photos. In addition, once resized, you can add text and image watermarks to photos.
 This is an excellent photo resizer and if you're looking for something in this area which is easy-to-use, fast and reliable, you need look no further. 👍👍👍👍👍

Works great!

This app is great. It can resize many photos at a time and can also rename and watermark photos. It has both text and logo watermarking. I need to combine both, so this is a helpful option for me. The best is that you can save your setting in different templates (they call it preset). Than you can change your settings very fast by choosing the certain template from the menu. Setting 1, setting 2, setting 3, …

Very intuitive and easy with full features

This all-in-one-app offers all you need to run a batch-resizing. The app can save you time when you need to resize more than 3 photos. In app store you find many apps to do a batch-resizing. But Photosizer has all features what you need for and works very fast. I resized more than 2000 photos in 1 batch for my iPad. It resized all photos without any problem. I can recommend it also to rookies on the Mac. Because Photosizer is designed very intuitive and you don’t need to read the manual first.

Simple interface and excellent results

With an incredibly simple interface and excellent results, Photosizer is a dream come true for users who have to resize on the fly. In addition to resizing, the app can easily rename and watermark photos. It works very fast and has useful features.

Extremely easy and user friendly

Working with Photosizer is extremely easy and user friendly. Just make the necessary adjustments via the Preferences window, drag and drop the images you want to process and then press the “Resize” button. The output panel for monitoring the conversion procedure can be activated by clicking on the main window. This feature is not described in the manual which can be opened from the help menu. May be I could not find it. Anyway, since you can save the settings to presets, Photosizer allows you to easily switch between various processing templates in no time. Great feature! I love it!

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